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UNC 89, N.C. State 80

That was closer than I would have liked.

The Heels still can't put a team away the way they should, although any team that shhots as well State seems to against UNC is going to hang around regardless. Credit good three-point shooting - the Heels were an unheard of this season 6-10 - and almost perfect free throw shooting (23 of 24). Carolina didn't wilt down the stretch, they didn't stop trying to get it inside to Hansbrough and Wright, and they didn't abandon the offense in favor of poor outside shots.

And though he won't get much recognition in the box score and he probably won't be on the all-tournament team, a huge portion of this win rests on Reyshawn Yerry's shoulders. Coming into the game with five minutes to play, the lead cut to one and UNC in a four and a half minute scoring drought from the field, Terry took over the game, scoring eight straight points. After that, it was all free throws, and that's all the Tar Heels needed. With senior leadership like that, the future is looking a lot brighter than it was coming into this week.