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Liveblogging the NCAA Selection Show

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Other people can blog actual sporting events - me, I bring you people talking. That is, of course, if the Kansas-Texas game ever ends, although with two straight Kansas blocks, that looks likely. Allow me to pimp my piece on why the ACC title game is no longer a 3:00 start.

2:37 pm Greg Gumbel to Mike Brey: "Who's the team to beat this year?" Boy I wished Brey had just answered, "The team you're playing."

Meanwhile, a commenter at Bruin Nation summed up the potential #1 seeds:

     W-L (Conf) RPI T-25/50 Away SOS/non-conf SOS

UCLA  25-5 (15-4) 6-1 10-1  9-5  8/3   [7-3 last 10] 
UNC   28-6 (14-5) 6-1 11-3 12-5  4/7   [7-3 last 10] 
Wisc. 29-4 (15-3) 5-2  9-4 10-4 37/70  [8-2 last 10] 
UF    29-5 (16-3) 4-2  7-4 11-5 44/161 [7-3 last 10] 
Gtown 26-6 (16-3) 5-4  9-5 12-3 14/128 [9-1 last 10] 
UK    29-4 (16-2) 2-1  5-1 13-2 66/116 [10-0 last 10]
(Ohio State, as a lock, was left out of the discussion.)

2:49 pm This liveblogging thing would be more exciting if something was happening. Maybe instead of having coaches on sattelite mouthing platitudes, they could be in boxing rings tossing punches. That Marquette coach - who really rakes in the dough - looks like he could hold his own.

2:53 pm If you, like me, haven't been paying attention to the automatic bids, Chad Orzel's been covering them all. Previous installments here, here, and further back.

2:57 pm Ah, the traditional ending of the pre-selection show show. "Don't mind us runnning credits and copyright notices, we'll be right back."

3:00 pm CBS, please realize the constant camera shots of a messy conference room is not exciting.

3:01 pm Your #1 seeds, in order: Florida, North Carolina (Woo-hoo!), Ohio State, and Kansas.

3:02 pm UNC (East) meets Ohio State (South) in the Final Four if everything works out. Florida (Midwest) and Kansas (West) on the other side. UCLA is left out, and the poor play of the Big 10 tourney hurt OSU, I guess.

3:05 pmBy the way, the recently restored directional names of the regions are almost confusing. Florida is closer to the Midwest St. Louis than the South San Antonio, as UNC is closer to New Jersey, so neither of the two southern teams are actually in the South region, and that's a good thing.

3:10 pm The Midwest:

Maryland and Notre Dame didn't get any favors with their Davidson and Winthrop matchups. Two ACC teams bodes well for this conference. Wisconsin as the lowest 2 seed and Oregon a the highest 3 are both interesting choices. Yoni Cohen really isn't a fan of the Ducks.

3:16 pm Looking again at Maryland's road, they've got Butler right after Davidson. It's like the committee wants Gary Williams to be the mid-major's bitch, isn't it?

3:20 pm The West:

The ACC is still on track for 8+ teams, but so is the Big 10 and that ain't happening. UCLA did get the top 2 seed, and coincidentally remained out west - and it is a coincidence, although helped by the fact very few teams were strong out west this year. Odds are that UCLA-Gonzaga rematch won't happen, but the Pitt-UCLA looks pretty likely. I can't see the Panthers falling to slower, less talented, Duke.

3:24 pm Nothing's been announced for Winston-Salem yet. UNC is definitely going there, but who else?

3:25 pm The East:

Fuck, that's a difficult bracket. Texas and Georgetown are brutal, Marquette's a strong three shooting team, and Vanderbilt can even be tricky. At least there are two Pac-10 teams.

3:30 pm By the way, I've now seen three of these "Corporate Partner" Pontiac commercials, and I want to take a bat to the TV. Who's bright idea was "Radio Shack commercials, but infinitely more obnoxious?"

3:31 pm The call of Oral Roberts over WSU - I think it was Seth Davis - is a pretty good one. I should have paid more attention to the Marquetee-Pitt games I saw this year, too.

3:35 pm The South:

Sorry, Florida State. And Syracuse and Drexel. The South looks like the easiest region, with soft Memphis, weakened Nevada, fading Virginia and mediocre Tennessee. It's A&M and Ohio State almost certainly.

3:38 pm The last four in seem to be ODU, Arkansas, Illinois and Stanford. And my Illini roommates were cheering for State today. It almost bit them in the ass. The ACC get a respectable seven, but I'm a little worried in how far most of them will go.

3:40 pm It's Billy Packer time. And he immediately mentions that Lute Olsen has tied Dean Smith's record for tournament appearances. Boo.

3:41 pm But then he hints of a VCU upset of Duke. I can't stay mad at you, Billy Packer.

3:42 pm How is Louisville going to handle playing in a regional in Lexington? For that matter, was is Lexington constantly a tournament site and Chapel Hill never is?

3:44 pm The top twenty teams, by the S-curve seeding:

  1. Florida
  2. UNC
  3. Ohio State
  4. Kansas
  5. UCLA
  6. Memphis
  7. Georgetown
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Oregon
  10. Washington State
  11. Texas A&M
  12. Pittsburgh
  13. Southern Illinois
  14. Virgninia
  15. Texas
  16. Maryland
  17. Butler
  18. Southern Cal
  19. Tennessee
  20. Virginia Tech
3:48 pm The interview portion of this beauty pageant: Kansas had sewn up the fourth one seed before they took the floor against Texas.

3:50 pm More polite taunting of UCLA for its early exit, and now Packer is talking about mid-majors. Committee guy stresses that they aren't looking at year-to-year trends, and don't consider conferences really until it's all said and done.

3:52 pm Texas tech versus Kansas State. As much as I'd love the answer to be "Bob Huggins is a thug," the fact that Texas Tech was in the tougher division, had good conference wins, and beat KSU head-to-head.

3:54 pm What happened to Syracuse? No one really knows. I think someone had to be punished for the experimental Nike uniforms, and the Orangemen were the only available victims.

3:55 pm Packer and Nantz both vote for the east as the toughest road. Georgetown is the pick coming out of the East for both Davis and Kellogg. Of course Kellog likes Gonzaga as a sleeper - has he read the news - and Nevada from the South - really, read the news Clark. Vanderbilt and Texas are the sleepers from the East. Can you call any team with Kevin Durant a sleeper?

3:58 pm That's it for CBS, and ESPN is talking to Lunardi. I don't really care about that opinion, so I'm taking a break.