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Bras and Kets

One side effect of the NCAA pool on computer versus the office guy doing it on paper is the shear number of damn pools we're invited in nowadays. What use to be one a year back in the dorm or the office is now a multitude - I've three or four college buddies running one, an office pool, a SportsBlog Nation one, not to mention every other sports blog I read offerring a contest. I'm filling out entries right and left, mostly on spur-of-the-moment decisions that change each time. At the rate I'm signing up for these things I'll end up generating the wisdom of crowds solely by myself.

The worst part about this whole thing, however, is that as I now travel in social circles where people are, for reasons unclear to me, reproducing. And said people are entering their children into these things. Which means inevitably I, a not-at-all famous blogger and possessor of basketball knowledge occasionally respected by people I am not personally a blood relation of, will lose at least one pool to an infant. It's as automatic as the 5-12 upset, and ten times more humiliating.

So once I'm done filling out the web forms on thirteen different websites, I'll get back to you with the consunsus picks from my fragmented mind. If you'd prefer a more rigorous set of predictions, I can point you to Inside Hire Ed's bracket based on graduation rates - UNC at 70% falls to Michigan State at 75% - or Chad Orzel's bracket by physics department - again the Heels fall to Michigan State, which as someone who spent quite a bit of time in Phillips Hall offends me greatly - or Ken Pom's adventures in log5, which you might have more luck with.