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Carolina Is Kind of a Big Deal

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Gregg Doyel likes the Tar heels chances. But not enough for them to win it all.

Math loves Carolina, as the Heels are picked to win by both a Monte Carlo simulation and Ken Pomeroy's log5 calculations.

Sports Illustrated hates the Heels. As does ESPN, except for Dick Vitale. Again.

But the real dissapointment is absolutely no minor CBS celebrity likes UNC. Attractive twenty-somethings in a sitcom I don't watch, you are dead to me. Dead to me, I say!

(Oddly enough, the Lady Tar Heels are a much more popular pick at SI, and ESPN at least likes them for the Final Four. And no, I haven't mentioned the fact UNC is a number one seed in that tournament as well. I'll get around to rectifying that soon enough.)