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Eastern Kentucky - The Land Even West Virginia Wouldn't Take

Up until Sunday, I wasn't aware there was an Eastern Kentucky. Obviously, I'm not going to have an in-depth scouting report on the team. Luckily, there exists the internet, the giant teat for us to suckle our 16th-seed knowledge from.

We start with the usual places, the world of tempo-free stats. The Colonels - yes, a team from Kentucky went ahead and adopted a colonel as a mascot, as if the mockery wasn't already easy enough - are a three-point shooting team, like all schools that slip into the bracket on a wing and a prayer. 45% of their shots are behind the arc, despite the fact that their much better at hitting the two (10th in the nation). The end result is a team that can score (a 0.548 effect field goal percentage) but can't rebound, can't defend, and can't get any love from the free throw line.

(Big Ten Wonk covers all of this with better writing, by the way, since the Heels share a pod with Michigan State. He also tosses in the fact that the Colonels have never won an tournament game in six attempts.)

EKU also had games against UNC opponents Ohio State and Kentucky this season. Unsurprisingly, they lost them both. The Ohio State fans were a bit preoccupied with some strange activity known only as "football" when they met the Colonels, but Kentucky blog A Sea of Blue was more interested, running a great EKU preview and a synopsis of the ensuing carnage. It played out just like the scouting reprts expected - the team can shoot but can't do much else.

Only nine players for Eastern have taken the floor in at least three games, and only six of those are averaging over ten minutes. So depth won't really be a concern, either. And the Colonels play slow basketball, so the opportunity exists for the Heels to run them out of the gym in the first ten minutes and then turn things over to Dewey Burke.

Oh, and Slate hates them almost as much as Duke.

And that's about it. A half-assed preview for a half-assed opponent. Tip-off for the game is at 9:50 ET, and I'll be perched in front of a TV that probably won't be showing the game and blogging with the best of them, but not necessarily here. We're trying a bit of an experiment, essentially tagging one site for every session our comprehensive coverage site, and burying that guy under tons of commentary from everybdy's area of expertise. The afternoon sessions of Thursday and Friday's games will be handled by Rakes of Mallow, the Thursday night session, complete with UNC feasting on the underdog, at Card Chronicles, and the late Friday shift here, at, well, here. So if you're trapped at work and only want to be reloading a couple of sites, these should probably be among them.