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Thoughts on the First 32

The first round of the tournament is almost always a bit disappointing nowadays. After spending four days imagining all the popssible scenarios and upsets, being dragged back to reality, where the favored team usually wins and the samll conference squads play like they came from a small conference.It doesn't help that, putting aside last year as an anomaly, the NCAA committee has gotten better at seeding and the underdogs aren't winning as much. The number of 10 or higher seeds - because you really can't call a nine over an eight an upset - advancing this year is the lowest in over a decade:

It is ironic that the two low seeds that did advance - VCU and Winthrop - beat teams that log5 predictions had going to the Elite Eight. Chad Orzel summarizes how the math wizards did.

As for the individual games, I don't have much insight. The Big 10 and the Pac-10 weren't as week as I thought at the top, although Wisconsin yesterday and Ohio State today have both had scares unbefiiting of their seeds. The ACC alleviated most of my fears, with Virginia's players especially handling their tournament debut better than expected. Virginia Tech looked shaky at times, but the stategy of creating lots of turnovers and giving up few is a tough one to beat, and once they went to the full court press Illinois couldn't respond. Ken Pomeroy has better analysis including possessions. I, however, need to turn my thoughts to the Spartans tonight.