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Race and Tyler Hansbrough

Chad and Dave are having an interesting back-and-forth on race and college basketball, specificall regarding the praise Tyler Hansbrough recieves. You get the feeling that all the accolades for his "intensity" and "hustle" would instead be comments on his "athleticism" were he black, where the latter is a much more common adjective.

I don't have much to add on the subject, as both Chad and Dave cover it pretty thoroughly. I will mention that the part of Hansbrough's game that always amazes me is his perimeter defense and performance on fast breaks, both extremely rare in a big man. And although I want to think that amazement is color blind - after all, I can't imagine Aaron Gray or Greg Oden doing that this season - I wonder if I'm not more surprised because of the stereotypical image of the "slow white guy." After all, no one ever called Nigel Dixon a "slow black guy," despite that being a very accurate description of the former FSU center.