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Hoya! Hoya! Hoya!: An Elite Eight Preview

Meet two of the most potent offenses in the country - only Florida is more efficient. Now look that their scoring averages. UNC averages 85.8 points a game, Georgetown 68.5.

So yeah, there's a slight difference in tempo there.

As you wuold expect, a team as efficient on offense as Georgetown has few weaknesses on that end of the ball. They're a top ten team in offensive rebounds and effective field goal shooting, and rarely turn the ball over. The Hoyas shooot the three more often than the Tar Heels, but not outrageously so - they're better from two than three.

If UNC has an edge, it's on the defensive end. The Hoyas don't generate many turnovers, and don't replicate their offensive rebounding prowess nearly as well on the other end of the court. They do limit their opposing teams shots, especially from behind the arc. The difference is, they have the size inside to force their opponents to take more threes, a game plan those opponents rarely find successful. Georgetown also has the depth to keep up with UNC, if they play it. After all, USC also had that bench strength, but if you're tempted into keeping your best players on the court longer as Tim Floyd was, it could end up being detrimental down the stretch.

So how does UNC pull this out? Hansbrough and Wright have to be more effective inside than Hansbrough in particular was against USC. Lawson's turnover trend has to continue - after averagin 2.6 a game in the ACC, his subsequent tournament totals have been a rock-solid 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, and 1. And they definitely can't get baited into another half of bad outside shooting. Play like they have since the Duke game, and UNC should be looking at the Final Four.

Fun Fact: Did you know UNC is the higher seed in this game? With the number of people picking Georgetown, you sure wouldn't guess it.

Bonus Fun Fact: Apparently, Georgetown and Carolina have played before! In the NCAA's! I wonder how that turned out?