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Another Carolina, Another George

Meanwhile, in Dallas UNC faces a George Washington team that ended a tournament run ten yearsw earlier. I was at that game in South Carolina in 1997 - it was a year some buddies and I travelled to as many tournament games as possible, hitting Dean Smith's 877th win in Winston-Salem at the opening rounds of the men's tournament, the Final Four in Indianapolis where UNC fell to Arizona, the women's ACC in Rock Hill, and this game. (The only impossible ticket was the men's ACC in Greensboro, which tells you something about the ACC vs. the NCAA.)

I don't remember much about the game. It was a punch in the mouth that UNC could never pull close in, as well as the last game for Marion Jones and Lori Gear. Security was a lot looser then, though, and my friends and I found the postgame media interview area before the game started. For years I had a picture of myself and another guy behind the NCAA mikes, me exhulting in (imaginary) victory, him slumped in defeat.

UNC should be able to handle the Colonials this time, but then again, we were saying that ten years ago. The tipoff is at nine on ESPN2.