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Divining the Future from Google Referrals

I won't spend too much effort speculating on who may be leaving UNC early for a more lucrative career - I can't begin to comprehend the pressure these guys are under with regards to that decision - but I can look at the search queries that bring folks to this little blog. Of the last hundred visitors here:

  • 9% were wondering if Brandan Wright was going pro.
  • 6% asked the same question about Ty Lawson.
  • 5% were more worried about Tyler Hansbrough.
  • 3% were just wondering if anyone was going pro.
And one person ended up here asking what N.C. State fans think of Sidney Lowe. I think they're pretty happy, all things considered - have you considered this might not be the best site to have that particular question answered?

If you want more tea leaf reading, the Brandan Wright queries all came early in the day, with Lawson and Hansbrough being more of an evening concern. Feel free to continue baseless speculation.