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UNC 86, Duke 72

Anyone who thinks the Dean Dome doesn't offer a significant home court advantage wasn't watching today. The Heels were following their usual script, jumping out to an easly lead and holding it through the half. And then they let Duke cut it to two, just like they had Maryland, and Virginia Tech. It was a recipie for another collapse.

But they didn't. they called a timeout, the crowd stayed in it, and UNC went on a 16-4 run, wearing a thin Blue Devil team out and netting the top spot in the ACC tournament they were expected to get at the season's start.

Reyshawn Terry had a suitable curatin call at the Dean Dome as well, which played a good part in the Heels' win. He's failed to crack twenty points only five times in the ACC this year, and four of those five games were Tar Heel losses. He showed up today, though, and UNC ran their up-tempo controlled chaos play style excellently for most of the game. Also worth mentioning is Brandon Wright's blocking clinic, which was incredibly entertaining. If the team can keep this sort of enregy throughout the month of March they'll be a Final Four team for sure.

About the bloody nose: as much as I'd love to ascribe poor motives to Duke players, I don't think Henderson's shot at Hansbrough was intentional and he probably shouldn't be suspended. It was a physically risky play, especially in the closing seconds of a blowout, but Henderson looked like he was going for the ball and just couldn't extend his arm with the rim in the way. Of course there was no need for him to jump into that scrum under the basket, and a quicker foul call on Scheyer or Johnson would have avoided the whole thing, but it's poor judgement and not malice involved. Here's hoping Hansbrough isn't seriously injured.