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Henderson I'll Defend, But Krzyzewski Is an Ass

I still don't think Henderson did anything intentional in injurying Tyler Hansbrough, although I appear to be in the minority with that opinion. That being said, Krzyzewski's postgame comments are inexcusable:

"That’s unfortunate too that those people were in the game in that way," Coach K said. "It’s 20 seconds left, I’m not blaming anybody, I’m just saying it’s unfortunate and we probably should have both had our walk-ons on."

That's a pretty reasonable comment, if you're not one of the two people in the building in charge of who's on the court. There were eighteen seconds left in the game, and Duke was down twelve. Thirty seconds earlier, you called a timeout, down 13. Two seconds earlier, your starting point guard fouled on the inbounds to stop the clock. One second earlier, your starting center fouled for the same reason. You kept the starters in the game too long. You were still going full bore to win. It was your decision. It wasn't happenstance those players were in the game, it was by design. Don't imply otherwise.