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Bloody-Nosegate Summary

  • Tar Heel Mania has has the pictures and video, and a guilty verdict. I'm not willing to say it was anything more than a sloppy foul by an exhausted player that got out of hand.
  • Pat Forde has his facts wrong - it was Hansbrough not Frasor shooting the free throw, that's the only reason he was in the game - and is concerned about Duke's image hit. Please, by the time the next matchup rolls arouud it'll be another intro montage highlight about the "seriousness" of the game. There were no long term repercussions for the Montross cut, none for the Chris Paul foul, and the press isn't going to change their saintly-Duke narrative for this, either.
  • Tyler Hansbrough has a small non-displaced fracture, contrary to AP reports last night.
  • StateFans Nation has chutzpah, blaming the victim. Proving that despite the copious amounts of blood, Hansbrough's shirt still wasn't red enough for the Wolfpack to put past their pettiness.
  • Tar Heel Fan has the last word although not in the exhaustive post I linked, but in a comment elsewhere:
What can I say? Duke is exactly who we thought they were.