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Once More Opinion on Henderson

Salon's always-excellent King Kaufman argues against Henderson's suspension by pointing out it's a bad rule on the part of the NCAA. Not by blaming Hansbrough for being dressed like he wanted it, and expressing true regret that he finds himself in agreement with Billy Packer, as is good and proper. He also mentions this:

Fortunately, despite the long delay Sunday, one caused by the officials being forced to carefully deliberate as the North Carolina crowd hooted and the players and coaches fidgeted around them, the crowd in Chapel Hill didn't get out of hand.

It never occurred to me that the Carolina crowd would get out of hand. As far as I can tell, it never occurred to anyone, Billy Packer included. It's just unthinkable that such a thing would happen, and that says something about the university. I wonder - truly wonder, I'm not trying to be facetious here - what would have happened had the jersies and the basketball court been in Durham instead? (Some of the responses to the article make good arguments for the suspension of Henderson as well. And the occasional Duke fan shows up, if you want a window into denial.)