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Today's Nosebleed Update

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Gregg Doyel has good column on the incident, placing the blame on Krzyzewski. Having once written a paean to the Duke coach, is now a bit harsher on the man. He also writes this in his non-permalinked blog:

This media writer from New York says Billy Packer's pro-Duke bias affected his call on Gerald Henderson's flagrant foul against Tyler Hansbrough. Here's the funny part of that story: Packer is such a Duke homer that he is booed, mercilessly, every time he shows up at Cameron Indoor Stadium to do a Duke home game. Whatever, New York media guy. What. Ever.
Which is also true. Eventually I'm going to get around to writing a - defense is too strong of a word here - something on Packer, but the gist of it is, he hates everything. The bias you see towards your team? He's that way to everybody. He's a curmudgeon, an ass, and yes, he proobably enjoys it. All this makes him presumably a lousy person to know, but a fascinating color commentator, and a refreshing change from the Vitale school of gushing praise and egocentric outlooks.