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Humor on the Internet

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I'm not too caught up in the "Will UCLA get a #1 seed?" question. For one, you're trying to read the minds of a bunch of administrators locked in a conference room, a pretty big waste of time. And two, there's, you know, basketball on. But the question's of a bit more importance at Bruin Nation, where this was written:

The same writer also mentioned UCLA is 6-4 in its last 10, but so is UNC.  This led me to think that yeah, we got beat by UW, but UNC got beat by MD and guess what?  Both UW and MD went home yesterday.

Washington is not Maryland. Really, take a look:

  • Maryland (24-8, 10-6 ACC) 18th in the RPI. Ended the season with a seven game winning streak.
  • Washington (19-13, 8-10 Pac-10) 83rd in the RPI. 3-4 in its last seven games.
There's really no comparison. The thing is, there is an ACC analogue to Washington, and it's Georgia Tech (20-11, 8-8 ACC) who although having an RPI of 56 and better conference results, share the Huskies inability to win on the road - Tech is 1-9 on the opponent's court, and UDub is 1-10. But the Yellow Jackets are also a marquee nonconference win for the Bruins, so the fans try to denigrate Maryland instead. It doesn't work.

The Bruins real concern is that the Tar Heels - as well as Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Kansas - are still playing, getting wins over talented teams, while UCLA is not.

Also funny, the thought of Dick Vitale in the Basketball Hall of Fame. And by funny, I mean horrifying. Gregg Doyel pans that idea.

Even funnier, but only if you share my sense of humor, this link Matthew Yglesias passes along:

U.S. Bombards Iraq with Arcade Fire Hype
‘Operation Relentless Overkill’ Pounds Insurgents

. . . But even as American cargo planes blanketed insurgent positions with reprints of Arcade Fire puff pieces from The New Yorker and The New York Times, Iraqi insurgents fiercely fought off the waves of relentless indie band hype. Hassan El-Medfaii, a leading insurgent in the southern city of Basra, said that despite the relentless carpet-bombing of gushing Arcade Fire reviews, he was resisting attempts to compel him to buy the over-praised new CD.

I know the Americans’ game, and I won’t fall for it," Mr. El-Medfaii said. "They tried this a couple of years ago with The Strokes."

My copy just arrived in the mail today, so I haven't formed a full opinion of it yet. "Keep the Car Running" is a great song, though.

On more Carolina-centric humor, from the Onion: Vince Carter Hires On-Court Assistant