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Day Two Expectations

In other news, I'm kind of dumb.

So seeds 9 through 12 took out seeds 5 through 8, which should in theory make life easier for the top four teams in the bracket. But then again, that same theory went 0-4 on the day, so who the hell knows what could happen? Anyway, in order of least likely chance of an upset to greatest:

Virginia Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forest Again, no one should lose to Wake Forest. Especially the day after the Demon Deacons played an emotionally and physically draining double overtime game. Virginia's Virginia Tech's a smart, good shooting team with an experienced backcourt that shouldn't screw this up.

Boston College vs. Miami This game is slighty less upsetable than UNC-FSU more because of the Hurricanes ineptitude than BC's skill. The Eagles are more than capable of sleepwalking into this game and paying a price for it. But there's one thing I can't get past - Boston College gets more points from free throws than any other team in the league. And Miami sends opponents to the line more often than anyone else. This game could be won without BC making a shot from the floor.

North Carolina vs. Florida State The two most electric offenses in the conference take the floor. Unfortunately, one brings along the best defense, while the other onne of the worse. FSU elevates every other team to Carolina-levels of offensive efficiency - how impressive will they make the Tar Heels look?

Virginia Tech vs. N.C. State The Wolfpack have two victories over the Hokies already this year, why can't they get a third? Well, there's the exhaustion from one overtime game, for one thing. And the fact that Zabian Dowdell has turned in two poor performances - only his games against Virginia have been worse. Now maybe the Pack have his number, but State has let an awful lot of other guards go off on them, and I can't see the Hokies losing a third time. We should be looking at the top four seeds playing come Saturday.

Oh, and for comedy purposes, Section Six points us to angry, angry Dukies.

Update [2007-3-9 18:1:34 by TH]: This is was I get for writing late at night. Virginia Tech is playing Wake and Virginia, State. Luckily, the two Virginia teams are similar enough most everything still applies, except State doesn't have two wins against the Cavaliers.