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Bracketology Hits a New Low

Because there isn't enough news in sports without generating a bunch of your own, ESPN brings you its initial Bracketology rankings. For 2008. The season that hasn't started, to be contested by teams that haven't set rosters. 65 specific, individual seedings - plus the next four to miss the tourney -  precisely and calculatingly pulled out of Joe Lunardi's ass. That's some hard core stupidity, there.

You know, come next March, I don't want to hear how close he came to the actual selection committe matched his thoughts five minutes before the annnouncement. I want a studio talking head to pull out this list and say, "Let's talk about the drugs you were on when you gave N.C. State a five seed, shall we?"*

* Used solely as an example and not because I think the Wolfpack will dramatically fail to achieve a postseason bid. Neccessarily.