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Rain Delayed

Yesterday's UNC-USC game was postponed due to rain, with the Heels down in the bottom of the seventh, a position they've found themselves in for the last four NCAA tournament games. I somehow doubt ESPN360 filled the time with Andy Griffith reruns like TBS use to do, but should the rains continue, here are a couple of things to pass your time:

  • UNC had six players taken in this year's MLB draft - only one of them a senior, Robert Woodard. (Woodard, the only one of the six eligible last year, went in the 46th round in '06. This year, he went in the 20th.) You have to think at least a few of the underclassmen are going to leave early. Coincidentally, just introduced a tool with data from every MLB draft, where it's trivially easy to view all 129 Tar Heels taken in the history of the draft. I hadn't realized B.J. Surhoff was an overall number one pick.
  • Of course, since this whole SB Nation thing started as a couple of baseball blogs, you can check out what A's fans think of multiple Tar Heel draftees.
  • Or you can just forget about baseball entirely and help me figure out this press release. It's good to see Phil Ford coaching a little closer to home, even if going from the hapless Knicks to the equally cellar-dwelling Bobcats isn't the most exciting of career moves. But what exactly does expecting "Coastal Carolina coach Buzz Peterson to join the basketball staff in a non-coaching capacity" mean? Doesn't Buzz Peterson already have a gig taking up most of his time?
  • Oh, and to follow this post up, check out Florida's new deals for Billy Donovan and Urban Meyers. I expect the articles on how Meyers should realize that it's "Basketball first, then football," should be popping up any day now, huh?