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Some Not Particularly Encouraging Signs

It's tougher to follow Tar Heel baseball from across the country than foootball and basketball. Thus it's easy to lose track of things like the fact UNC didn't hit a home run in the ACC tournament or their first five playoff games. And a quick perusal of the playoff results to date doesn't look too promising either:

Per-Game Runs and Hits Attained and Allowed
Team              R      H      RA     HA
Louisville       9.14  14.29   4.00   7.57
Arizona State    8.80  13.40   3.20   8.00
Cal State Fres   8.00  11.40   2.00   8.20
North Carolina   7.83  11.83   5.50  10.33
Mississippi St   6.80  11.20   3.60   7.40
UC Irvine        5.80   9.40   1.80   7.20
Oregon State     5.00   8.83   2.83   6.33
Rice             4.40   8.80   1.60   6.20
UNC gave up more runs and hits in the regionals than any of the other seven teams, but were middle of the road in offensive scoring. Now, some of the offenses on that list are skewed by one big game - Arizona State put up 19 against Nebraska, but had three games of seven runs or less, while Louisville scored 20 runs on Oklahoma State one day, and only 2 the day before - but the offense the Heels are giving up is still a little worrisome. Luckily, Friday's opponent Mississippi State also gets by on similarly-sounding "explosive, timely hitting combined with pitching that won't get you beat," which bodes well. The teams take the field in Omaha at 7 pm EST.