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UNC Tops Louisville

This wasn't the Carolina team we've been following through the tournament. That team went through pitchers like corn chips on both ends of the ball. That team had put up an 11.22 ERA in the last seven games, and compensated for it with strong hitting and late-game heroics. That team got demolished by Rice.

The team today is the one you remember from the regular season. The pitching staff that couldn't find a toehold against the Owls turned around and shutdown the Cardinals. Three hits. One run - a solo home run in the first inning. 11 strikeouts. A starting pitcher - Luke Putkonen, who was subject to speculation that he wouldn't even get the start - going seven innings and twenty-six batters before turning the game over to the closers. All against a Louisville team that had been lighting up the scoreboards, driving in more runs than anyone else in the playoffs and evening putting up ten on the otherwise dominate Rice.

This team can beat Rice back-to-back. This team can take the NCAA title. This is the team we want to see the rest of the way out.