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What I Missed This Weekend

So XM Radio doesn't carry the College World Series, despite three ACC channels - helpfully talking about all the football and basketball they'll be broadcasting five months from now - two different ESPNs, and a host of other things that aren't UNC Baseball. Unfortunately, I learned this an hour down the 101 on the way to an L.A. Galaxy soccer game. Even more unfortunately, I apparently didn't miss much, only a new record in the number of pitchers used (8) in futility.

(The L.A. Galaxy beat Real Salt Lake 3-2, by the way. Real Salt Lake, in addition to being a very silly name for a Utah soccer team, is the current employer of Eddie Pope, legendary UNC soccer player. Pope left after the first half.)

The Heels face Louisville in the consolation bracket Tuesday. The Cards may just happy to be there, but have some pretty potent bats, as well as better performances against MSU and Rice this week. Oregon State blog - the Beavers keep winning - Building the Dam is in Omaha, and hopefully will be able to provide pictures of a UNC victory.

And continuing the not-connecting-with-UNC theme of this weekend, leaving a restaurant tonight with some buddies tonight, I ran into a woman leaving the gym down the street. A very attractive woman, in a Carolina T-shirt. Alas, by this point our party of three had picked up two homeless guys, and I've found single women don't really want to stop on a dark street and strike up a conversation about their alma mater with a group of people that includes a rather dirty man in a "Fuck All Y'all" trucker hat.

America must end poverty as we know it, because it's really messing with my game.