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Two Dumb Things on the Internet

A couple of things to draw your ire while you yell at the television. (3-2 OSU in the 5th)

First, offered without comment, Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle:

I'm not a North Carolina fan. Their alums seem pretty arrogant. They're the chinos-and-penny loafer crowd. And their last two basketball coaches--Dean Smith and Roy Williams--were two of the biggest whiners on earth. I don't know how Mack Brown lasted as long as he did there. You'll never hear Our Mack whining.

I almost think living in Houston is punishment enough for that bit of writing.

And offerred with foaming at the mouth comment, J.P. Giglio talking about Mike Krzyzewski's summer press conference:

He re-evaluated the program after the VCU loss and hopes to apply those lessons from an 0-4 finish to this season. He wasn't ready to certify my 3-point theory though.

"I hope we make more 3s," he said.

Duke is shooting the same percentage of threes. They're making the same percentage of threes. It's the tempo that's changed. Say it with me: TEM-PO.