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The Wisdom of Crowds Aren't That Wise: Wright Goes to the Bobcats

Brandan Wright, who as draft day approached became either overrated or underrated depending on who was writing, is now a Charlotte Bobcat. The Bobcats, naturally, are probably the one team outside of Atlanta I didn't want to see take him.

Now this has nothing to do with Wright's career, or whether he's a good fit for Charlotte, because I don't know these things. From a purely selfish point of view, however, I hate it. I don't get to see the Bobcats, as Santa Barbara is slightly outside of their media market, and being a cellar-dwelling team, they aren't spending too much time in the national eye.

Worse, the team is beginning to look like some sort of Tar Heel welfare, picking the local boys in an effort sell tickets at the expense of the franchise. Now maybe Wright was the best player on the board - I don't know. But I'd rather see more Tar Heels on teams that are competing come May, you know?

(Hopefully Terry will be drafted by someone out of state by the time I get home. It's after five on the west coast, and I'm not sticking around the office any longer than I have to.)