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Better: Wright Goes to the Warriors

We can now officially ignore that last post - Brandan Wright was traded to Golden State for Jason Richardson and the Warriors' second round pick, Alabama guard Jermareo Davidson. The Bobcats also drafted Jared Dudley, a smart pick in my opinion. It turns out the trade was worked out before the draft began, so the call on Wright was all Golden State's.

I'm happy, as a lot more Warriors games make it to my TV than Bobcats matchups. The folks at Warriors blog Golden State of Mind are, well, less enthused. Buck up, guys - the last UNC draft pick you folks traded for turned out OK.

Reyshawn Terry was taken with the 44th pick by the Orlando Magic, where he can get working on showing up J.J. Redick and Grant Hill. JamesOn Curry was taken 7 spots later by the Bulls (Sorry, for doubting you, there.) and Josh McRoberts a scant 7 spots earlier, by the Portland Trailblazers.

The ACC overall had six first round draft picks (Wright, Thaddeus Young, Al Thorton, Sean Williams, Javaris Critterdon, and Dudley) and another three in the second (McRoberts, Terry, and D.J. Strawberry). All in all, a respectable showing.