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UNC Advances

As expected, the Tar Heels beat both East and Western Carolina this weekend to advance to the Super Regional of the NCAA's. What was surprising was that UNC entered the ninth in both games behind in the socre. Two rallies later though, and theey're waiting the winner of USC-Charlotte.

Corn Nation has an overview of the rest of the tournament - the Big 12 is going down in flames, and the ACC isn't doing much better. N.C. State fell to Charlotte, Wake Forest was eliminated by Texas, Florida State went down to Mississippi State, and Miami lost to Louisville. Clemson beat Coastal Carolina to force an elimination rematch later tonight, and Virginia is battling defending champion Oregon State to advance as I type.

Update [2007-6-5 2:15:59 by TH]: Clemson went on to win the rematch, but Virginia lost to OSU, setting up a rematch tomorrow at noon. South Carolina advanced out of the Columbia Regional, and will face the Heels.