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Who's Not Playing Who: 2007 Edition

This was a useful thing to look at last year, so I figure it's worth running over this year as well. The schedule imbalances of the ACC:


North Carolina avoids Florida State for the third straight year. They also duck Boston College and Clemson, as the Heels continue to get some the bigger benefits of ACC expansion.

Duke misses out on Boston College, N.C. State, and Maryland. But as always, it's not who the Blue Devils don't play as much as which ACC foes don't get the ACC win.

Georgia Tech doesn't see Florida State - something they're used to, as the Seminoles and Yellow Jackets haven't met since 2003. They also avoid N.C. State and a championship rematch against Wake Forest.

Miami loses out on facing Clemson, Maryland, and Wake Forest, which is probably close to the best draw a first year Hurricane's coach could expect.

Virginia doesn't meet Boston College, Clemson, and Florida State. Those are three big misses on the schedule, and if Al Groh doesn't take advantage of it, he's toast.

Virginia Tech is their rival Virginia's dark opposite - the Hokies duck Maryland, N.C. State and Wake Forest. It still shouldn't hamper their success to greatly.


Boston College doesn't play the dregs of the Coastal - Duke, North Carolina and Virginia. Not a promising start for the Eagles.

Clemson doesn't face Miami, North Carolina, and Virginia. Tommy Bowden is still getting the short end of the expansion stick.

Florida State won't see Georgia Tech, North Carolina, or Virginia. Another knock against a Seminole resurgence.

Maryland doesn't get Duke, Miami, or Virginia Tech. You always miss that easy Blue Devil loss, but the other two open up space for a Terp leap forward.

North Carolina State won't meet Duke for the fourth straight year. Wolfpack fans are more than a little perturbed by this. They'll also miss Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, which more than compensates.

And finally, returning champions Wake Forest won't line up across from Georgia Tech, Miami, or Virginia Tech. This schedule is nicer to the Deacons than last year's, which got them to an ACC Championship.

So who are the winners and losers? Wake clearly gets the biggest benefit, but the scheduling gods are nice to the Heels and Virginia. Boston College meanwhile, is Fate's Bitch, and Clemson and Virginia Tech aren't getting much  help, either.

Keep in mind that two of the three teams with the greatest upside in last year's scheduling met in Jacksonville for the conference championship (The third, N.C. State fired their coach). Scheduling also didn't help Larry Coker keep his job. These things can matter.