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That's Doctor Carolina March To You, Punk

You may have noticed posting has been light of late. (You may have not. Frankly, you may only be reading this because a particularly perceptive housepet walked across your keyboard. But we'll assume the former.) The reason posting has been so sporadic is very simple:

I went out and defended my doctoral thesis this week.

So now I'm Dr. Still Doesn't Blog Under His Real Name. And yes, I do appreciate the irony of this occurring while the rest of the internet was calling me stupid for picking UNC over ECU and Duke over UVa. I don't care, I'm a doctor now.

But what does this mean for the blog? Two things:

  1. I now win all arguments on the internet. All of them. Playoffs are good, no one cares about the Rose Bowl, and Duke sucks. You have a problem with that? Don't care. Doctor.
  2. I'm leaving the friendly environs of the West Coast, and heading back east. Not back to NC, but at least within driving distance of the games. Where? Let me put it this way. Expect a lot more posting about Brendan Haywood.
Anyway, enough about me. Back to the lives of nineteen year olds.