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Week One: James Madison

Let there be football.

I disagree with Tar Heel Fan - this isn't the first ray of hope in nine years. I remember the excitement of Bunting's arrival, even if it was blunted by an opening game against Oklahoma. That Oklahoma game was my last as a North Carolina resident, come to think of it. My Carolina exile almost perfectly syncs with the John Bunting era at UNC.

But now there's is Butch Davis, and now there is football. Questions can start being answered (Who's the answer at quarterback? Running back? How's the defense going to do?) and the zen koans of coachspeak can be replaced with results on the field.

Game time is 6 pm eastern, and if you're not part of the sellout crowd at Kenan, you're listening to the radio.

Update [2007-9-1 20:22:26 by TH]: Apparently, our country beach music access to Carolina games has been cut off. See the next post for how to get ESPN360.