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Previewing Virginia

UNC has had problems with the Cavaliers for about as long as I can remember. They haven't won in Charlottesville since 1981, and only win in Kenan about half the time. The Hoo's have ruined seasons (1996 comes to mind) and careers (although Bunting was not long for this world by that point).

And this year, they suck.

The quarterback who led them in last season's shutout of the Heels was pulled last week in a close game against Duke. They managed a total of -3 yards rushing against Wyoming. Their press release for the game doesn't mention a single thing the team has done all year - they just keep talking about "The South's Oldest Rivalry."

(Fittingly, The South's Oldest Rivary is being broadcast on Raycom, presumably sandwiched between Golden Girls reruns.)

This is the best chance for UNC to rack up a win until, well, November, as well as a chance to return the coach-firing favor from last year. And yet I'm nervous. I shouldn't be - the offensive line is doing a great job of giving Yates time to do a wonderfu job at quarterback, the defense is playing well, and Virginia is, indeed, playing horribly. But I've been scarred by Virginia matchups before and keep expecting at best a horrible game.

Here's to being wrong.