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Belatedly Ranking the Week 4 Performances of the ACC

  1. Miami Perhaps I was wrong about Miami's defense. It's either that or Texas A&M is not nearly as good as folks figured. The Aggies didn't score until the fourth quarter, and only managed three first downs in the first half.
  2. Clemson The Tigers absolutely dominated their ACC opponent. True, that opponent was a team from North Carolina not named Wake Forest, but you can only beat the folks on your schedule.
  3. Boston College Of course, you can control who you put on your schedule. No margin of victory can put aside the fact you're playing Army.
  4. Wake Forest 100 yard interception return, stunning comeback from being down 24-3, et cetera, et cetera. Just another chapter in the ever-increasing Wake Forest legend. Of course, they were down 24-3...
  5. Virginia Who was the idiot going around saying Virginia sucks a few weeks ago? A quick 21-0 lead gave the Cavaliers enough space to play halfway decent defense and not screw up until Georgia Tech muffed a punt deep in their own territory. UVa may be the only team that wants to win the Coastal Division right now.
  6. Maryland An overtime loss to Wake Forest isn't necessarily something to be ashamed of these days. With that collapse though, you have to woner if this is going to send the team into a spiral.
  7. Virginia Tech A for effort. F for scheduling. The Hokies have no business playing William & Mary at this point in the season. As punishment, I demand you lose to UNC this weekend. Anonymous guy writing a blog has spoken, so shall it be.
  8. Georgia Tech You lost to Virginia! They su Tough break. Learn from Wake Forest. Good luck against Clemson.
  9. N.C. State I don't think the Wolfpack would have faired any better against South Florida than the Heels, but credit where credit's due - they did managed to score a couple of touchdowns in the first half. Of course, Clemson was scoring so many the defense was probably trying to avoid a mercy rule and play the whole game.
  10. Duke Can any team that scores 43 points in a game really have the worst perfomance in the conference? Even if they gave up 46? To Navy? And while I'm asking questions, is the Duke Information office just screwing with us? Oghobaase? Tauiliili? A new basketball recruit with the last name Czyz? Do they just hit random letters and then send out press releases?
  11. North Carolina It's going to get more painful before it gets less.