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Open Thread/Sorta Liveblog: UNC at Virginia Tech

The joys of returning to the East Coast - I'm in Virginia Tech's local market. I've missed you, no-longer-Jefferson-Pilot-Sports-Network. You too, Mike Hogwood.

12:08 The announcers spend minutes waxing rhapsodic about the Hokies' stadium entrance. What do you hear when they leave the tunnel? The UNC Fight Song. Marching bands kick the ass of canned Metallica recordings every day of the week and twice on Saturday. Whoop!

12:12 I'm worried Brandon Tate is getting Dre Bly's old habit of 40 yard kick returns that only advance the ball 15 feet.

12:14 Ideally the VT lineman should be behind the quarterback before he's finished his drop back. 3 and out for the Heels.

12:16 Wow, the entire UNC defense fell for that reverse.

12:18 Maybe Brandon Ore's complaints about his offensive line are bearing fruit. They're giving him the ball on practically every play.

12:20 Although a false start on the line puts them back. UNC does a great job at stopping the quarteback run from a passing formation.

12:21 Three UNC players in the backfield and Tyrod Taylor manages a touchdown run? Arrgh. 7-0 Hokies.

12:25 Great special teams blocking gets Tate to the 30 on the kick return.

12:27 UNC's offensive line is being particulary seivish today. Yates barely avoids a second sack and almost throws an interception because of it. Third down and the Heels call a timeout.

12:30 When the line does hold up, Yates is doing well, finding Nicks for the first down.

12:31 Except when Yates hurries himself and almost throws an interception.

12:32 4th and 3 from near the 30, and Yates can't get a reciever to move to the ball. Turnover on downs.

12:37 Brandon Ore had 111 yards and 3 touchdowns last year against the Heels, in a game that was never really close. VT is trying to replicate that performance - they've yet to throw the ball.

12:38 Which isn't to say they haven't tried. A 3rd and 2 passing play is so broken up by the Heels, Taylor has to scramble for his life, not getting the first down. This is why he's in the game and not Glennon - he can really move. VT punts the ball into the endzone.

12:40 UNC is dead-set on establishing a running game. Houston gets nine or yards on a good run.

12:42 But the next time, he's stopped in the backfield. Another three and out.

12:43 The Heels punt out of bounds under 30 yards, and get a holding penalty. Key-rist. VT starts at midfield.

12:46 Taylor attempts his first pass, after nearly being sacked. Incomplete and an illegal reciever down the field.

12:48 First complete pass for VT. It's in the backfield, and the Hokies get a holding call to bring the 16 yard gain back.

12:49 Complete pass downfield, brought back by another holding call. It's 2nd and 26, and I'm enjoying seeing the other team struggle with flags.

12:50 Taylor had a lot of time to pass and a lot of room to run, but gets no yards. The next play is a near-interception, which the Heels cock up with a roughing the passer penalty.

12:52 Last play of the quarter is backfield pass for a first down. UNC took a 3rd and 26 situation and gave up two first downs. That'll kill you.

12:56 Tech's gone back to the all-Ore offense to start the second quarter, gaining three yards at a time.

12:57 And this is why. Deunta Williams gets the tipped pass and a long interception return to VT's 48.

12:59 Yates doesn't have Taylor's running ability, but he's managing, buying enough room for the first down completion. Houston's running game is beginning to catch hold as well.

1:01 The Heels have only been in the red zone 10 times this season. With the wide reciever missing the block when Yates tries to run like that it's easy to see why.

1:02 Yates dodges the blitz on third down, but the pass isn't enough for the first. Connor Barth is now tied for first on the all-time field goal list, I believe. 7-3 Hokies.

1:06 Barth's kickoff is short and fielded at the 30. The announcers have gone off on an extended Chick-fil-a riff. Sorry, but I don't eat any fast food that was served in Lenoir Hall. Or stay at a Marriott, for that matter.

1:09 Taylor seems to think his recievers are eight feet tall, because that's where he's throwing. That was close to a second interception.

1:10 Taylor is sacked by, well, Taylor as the Hokies are forced to punt. A late hit on the punt return by the Hokies is negated by a Heel late hit. The Hokies are tryingto help you guys - let them.

1:15 Why is my only sports HD option right now golf?

1:16 UNC goes sack, then screen pass to get to 3rd and 6. The line gives Yates the time to find Hicks for the first.

1:17 Trickery! Shuttle pass from Houston to Yates who throws... short of the reciever.

1:18 This third down is a sack. Heels punt.

1:20 Hey! I'm actually in a market for that MASN network that advertised on here a few weeks ago and keeps sending me e-mails. They're showing... the ESPN Plus feed of Akron/UConn. Can't imagine why they're having trouble gaining traction here. Thanks for the cash, though.

1:23 Ore has been replaced by a sophomore running back, but the Hokies are passing with under two minutes to go in the half. The end result is a first down, a near-sack and a full sack. The Heels' defense is really stepping up, and they've earned the Hokie punt.

1:24 The teams have spent the half trading punts between the 30's for the most part. Yates first pass is a bad overthrow, and the Heels seem content to run the rest of the quarter.

1:26 False start on the offense. They're passing now.

1:27 Nope. Quarterback keeper that doesn't work. VT calls timeout in anticipation of the punt.

1:30 A good punt and a better roll puts the ball at the VT 11 with 35 seconds to go in the half. The Hokies take a knee to end the half.