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Livblogging the Second Half

1:53 Who comes out stronger, the ranked team that underperformed or the underdog with the surging defense?. The Hokies get a good return, but a run and a sack later an Taylor's limping off the field.

1:55 Glennon's throwing at Taylor's height, but it's caught, if not enough for a first. Tech gets the 52 yard FG. 10-3 Hokies, as Taylor's off to the locker room.

1:59 The world on Taylor is a groin sprain, but he'll return to the game.

2:00 Two straight Ryan Houston runs go nowhere. The VT defense really looks to be turning it up.

2:01 And they do, with a diving interception. Except it's an incomplete pass, and the Hokies roughed the passer. First down Heels.

2:03 And Nicks responds with a first down recption.

2:04 A second first down reception, this one to TE Quinn, called back for both holding and an illegal shift. 1st and 20.

2:05 Yates rolls out and completes his third straight pass. He's not a threat to run for yardage against this defense, but he's made them nervous enough they won't commit to close in on him in the open field, and he's using that gap. 1st down at VT's 41.

2:07 Another VT roughing the passer. It's debatable, and Lane Stadium seems to be debating with with four-letter words.

2:08 Houston's pounding it in, three yards at a clip. Yates takes a third down fake that throws the cameraman and gets the high screen pass for the first and goal.

2:10 Houston fumbles it into the end zone. Hokies have it. A long drive for naught.

2:13 Taylor is back behind center, and starts with an incomplete pass in the backfield, and then a first down pass up the middle. Ore's be rather quiet.

2:15 The Heels would have six or seven sacks against an average quarterback. Taylor is incredible at getting out of tight situations.

2:19 The booth blames the offensive line woes for the Hokies on the injury to Ed Wang. The 6th grader in me giggles. Taylor goes for the first pass of the game behind the defense, but it's caught out of bounds, saving the Heels.

2:20 No more 30 and 30 starts. The punt is downed at the UNC 3.

2:22 They give it right back to Ryan Houston, but he only gets a yard. The next play is a Nicks first down reception.

2:23 Yates fumbles the snap but smartly recovers. Mike Hogwood takes this time to talk about Yates' basketball skills.

2:24 Another Nicks firts down down the left sideline. The next play is a VT interception off a tipped UNC reciever error. No penalty this time, and VT has it on the 12.

2:27 Ore. Ore. Ore. Touchdown. 17-3 Hokies, when without two turnovers it's 10-10 UNC with the ball and moving.

2:31 Virginia Tech's defense is amped, and they hold UNC to a three and out. This is where it could get rough.

2:32 A VT block in the back negates a good punt return. It's good to have the Hokie on UNC's side for stretches of this game.

2:37 Taylor throws his longest pass of the day, but it's nowhere near a reciever. Another Hokie three and out and a bad punt gives UNC the ball around the 40. Taylor has an arm, just no control.

2:40 UNC follows with a three and out of their own, with a poor overthrow on 3rd and 14. Punt out the back of the end zone.

2:44 And the coverage goes into full shooting tragedy mode, as UNC's defense and VT's false start pushes the Hokies back.

2:49 The defense holds VT to a second straight three and out. They've really turned on the heat, but the offense is having trouble matching that performance. Starting from their own 24 after a great punt doesn't help.

2:52 UNC gets two straight first downs on the gorund. With only 9 and half minutes to play though, time becomes a factor.

2:53 The Heels make it to the VT 25 off a long pass up the middle and a couple of short runs. Need a touchdown here, but get a backfield pass for a loss to Tate.

2:55 4th and nine with a heavy rush, but Yates finds a short pass up the middle to Elzy for the first.

2:56 Two straight handoffs to Elzy puts it on the VT one. He looks tired. But not tired enough - Elzy gets the touchdown, capping a great extended drive without VT penalty help this time. 17-10 Hokies with 5:34 to play.

3:04 A Tech reciever drops a wide-open third down pass, helping the Heels score another three and out. A good punt leaves the ball on the UNC 13, with just over four minutes to make it down the field.

3:06 Elzy is still the primary bal carrier, and he gets eight on 1st down. Can't get the first on the next play though.

3:07 Third down is a big Elzy gain, though. 2:30 to play and Elzy gets his fourth carry, taking it across midfield.

3:08 Five straight Elzy carrier. No first, but the Hokies seem to be tiring faster than he is. UNC takes their first timeout with 1:44 to play.

3:09 Yates is sacked on 3rd and 2 by an unblocked, untouched lineman. It's 4th and everything now.

3:11 A false start actually saves the Heels - UNC had the pass nocked away - and on 4th and 12... incomplete pass, although Tate almost pulls down an incredible catch with one hand and a Hokie on his back.

3:13 Ballgame, 17-10 UNC. It's heartbreaking, with two third quarter turnovers crushing the Heels' hopes. They were definitely the better team in the fourth quarter, but that two touchdown swing was just too much. Bah.