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Ranking the Week 1 Performances of the ACC

The ACC - hopelessly hapless or coming on strong? I tend to favor the former, but it's still pretty early to tell. I can always fal back on the blogger's best friend, the summarizing list:

  1. Georgia Tech Yes, Notre Dame isn't the powerhouse it was thought to be in years past, but more could you ask for out of the Yelow Jackets. A 33-3 win, a huge rushing game from Tashard Choice, and an impressive defense. It's hard to see how Tech won't leap into the Top 25 with both feet.
  2. Boston College 408 yards, five touchdowns. That's a lot of passing. nd it's the most passing TDs snce Doug Flutie whipped a Dick Crum Tar Heel team 52-20, officialy heralding in the mediocrity of mid-80's UNC football. When it comes time to protect those leads though, you'd really like more of a running game.
  3. Miami I wouldn't normally give so much creedance to a win over Marshall, but the outcome of this game was never in doubt, something few ACC teams could claim this week. The score is hiding the offensive problems, though. The Hurricanes had only one scoring drive start from behind their own 45, missed a field gol and nearly fumbled away their final touchdown in the end zone. The defense is tough as nails - they feasted on four Marshall interceptions - but if the offense doesn't step up, you won't be seeing them this high on the list very often.
  4. Virginia Tech This is bad either way you look at it. Either East Carolina is really good, in which case the Heels are in trouble this week, or the Hokies relly aren't, which bodes even more poorly for the entire conference. Everyone's pointing the blame at the offensive line or the media circus. The former needs to get just plain get better and the latter isn't going away, so Tech needs to fix whatever's wrong or it'll be a long season.
  5. Clemson Beating Florida State is still impressive. Only beating Florid State for the first half, and then hoping that's enough is, well, less so. And to be honest, I expected more than 150 yards from the two tailbacks. Good defense, though.
  6. Wake Forest There's nothing wrong losing to BC on the road this year. True, giving up 408 yards passing is a bit disheartening, but Wake's offense did its best to keep up.
  7. North Carolina Yeah, they get bonus points for not having won big in a very long time - it was the largest margin since Bunting's first season. D1-AA or no, it's always good to start a season with a touchdown pass, and finish the first half with the game well in hand. The second half was bit less impressive, but the team is coming along. Now we'll just have to see how they handle real competition.
  8. Forida State Wait, what? I spent the entire offseason reading about how frickin' talented FSU is, and after one game the verdict is they're just not talented? Either way, you can't play that bad of a first half and expect to be contending for a conference championship. Your in a division of titans like Boston College and Wake Forest, here.
  9. Maryland Admit it. If someone had told you an ACC team was going to be tied at 7 with a D1-AA squad going in to the half you'd have thought the game was at Kenan, wouldn't you? No, it was the Terps getting the sluggish start, and although they won handily in the end, it was still a pretty embarassing performance given the competition.
  10. N.C. State If you just saw the second half, you could believe the Wolfpack were a formidable opponent, scoring 20 straight points behind Harrison Beck's 204 passing yards while the defense held strong. Unfortunately, the game began a couple of hours before State was ready, starting off with an 80 yard UCF kickoff return for a touchdown, continuing with UCF nabbing a safety after the Wolfpack started the possession on the thirteen, and a first half where the pack was outgained by 200 yards. In UCF's second win over a BCS team ever. Ouch.
  11. Virginia Virginia's offense crossed the 50-yard line once the entire game. Once. (Their special teams crossed it a secnd time returning a kickoff, but Jamaal Sewell promptly through an interception two plays later.) This would be the most embarassing perfrmance of the week in any conference that didn't include...
  12. Duke A 31 point loss to a team with less than a decade of D1-A experience? At home? Look Blue Devils, you have two choices: Drop football (It worked great for UCSB and Boston) or just start selling all your games like a D1-AA school. I'm sure there are some teams who would love to drop Appalachain State from their schedules. Why not call them?