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Ranking the Week 2 Performances of the ACC

  1. Boston College The Eagles won the only conference game of the week, and did so handily. More importantly, they did so with their running game, after the Wolfpack defense did a good job of limiting the effectiveness of Matt Ryan. After two games, BC is beginning to lokk pretty good.
  2. Wake Forest Impressive scheduling should be rewarded. The Deacons put a scare in a Top 20 team and had a couple of chances to win it late. It doesn't look like that'll be a common occurence in this conference this year.
  3. Georgia Tech I found their performance slighty better than...
  4. Clemson ...but who really cares. Play real teams, will you?
  5. Maryland Of course, if you do schedule cupcakes, the least you could do is win big.
  6. North Carolina Yeah, I'm biased, and yeah, I'm grading on a curve. And yeah, Oklahoma or LSU would have taken the Tar Heels to the woodshed just as badly. But some weeks you have to reward the team that at least made a game of it for forty minutes.
  7. Virginia Tech Is it too soon to make tasteless shooting-related jokes abou this team? It is? Then I got nothin'.
  8. Miami Sunday Morning Quarterback has been impressed with Miami's defense all summer, based on last year's performance. I keep looking at it and thinking how bad the ACC teams were last year. After all, when UNC and Georgia Tech pla to a thriling 7-0 finish, holding the Hees to 7 and Tech t 30 just isn't that impressive. I think Oklahoma feels similary after this weekend.
  9. N.C. State The Wolfpack stopped half of BC's offense, and Harrison Beck's 321 passing yards were impressive. The six inerceptions, less so.
  10. Florida State A draconian rating for sure - the Seminoles did win, after all - but UAB came in with a seven game losing streak. Michigan State just whipped them 55-18. And they were up two touchdowns on FSU. You came in the consensus favorite to win the division if not the conference, Seminoles, and the bar is just a little higher for you.
  11. Virginia Sure you won, but it was against Duke. And you kept the Blue Devils in the game, to boot.
  12. Duke The losing streak now stands at 22. Carl Franks' longest was 23 by the way. (He's now coaching running backs at USF, and is probably a lot happier than his successor.)