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1,7,8,10 PM and Sundays

You want to know when UNC has the best winning percentages?

Lauren Brownlow at Tar Heel Blue with some staggering numbers on how UNC has performed in certain time slots and on certain days:

In the Roy Williams era, Carolina has not lost a game that began at 1:00 (13-0). Carolina is 19-4 in 1:00 games since 2000. Roy Williams is 9-3 in noon games and Carolina is 11-6 since the 2000 season. In 1:30 games, Carolina is 9-4 but the 2005 team had quite a bit of trouble in the 1:30 slot, going 0-2. It's interesting to note that Carolina is 5-1 in games that begin at 3:00, but 3-7 in games beginning at 3:30 including 0-3 in the last two seasons. The Tar Heels have struggled at 4:00, going 8-10 since 2000. In games starting between 5:00 and 5:30, Carolina is 5-4, including a 5:15 loss to Georgetown last season.

Carolina is 39-12 in games that tip at 7:00 (.764), including a 12-0 record in the last two seasons. The Tar Heels are also 10-4 in 7:30 tip-offs. The 8:00 time slot appears to be especially friendly for Carolina, as the Tar Heels have a 23-4 record (.852) since 2000. The Tar Heels don't do as well at 9:00, going 32-21 (60.4) since 2000 in that time slot, including a loss at Santa Clara in 2005, three losses in 2006 (all at home) and one loss in 2007 (at Georgia Tech). Carolina is 3-1 in 9:15 starts and 4-2 in 9:30 starts. Carolina is a combined 7-1 in games that start at 10:00 or 10:30.

Carolina has not played many Monday games since 2000, but thanks to the national title game the Tar Heels sport a 7-0 record on Monday. They have not played on that date since. The Tar Heels since 2000 are 21-9 (.700) on Tuesday. Roy Williams' teams are 12-5. Carolina is 39-19 (.672) on Wednesday, including a combined 15-1 in the last two seasons. The Tar Heels are 14-7 (.667) on Thursday and 20-7 (.741) on Friday since 2000.

As some have already noticed, Saturday has not been as kind to Carolina. Since the 1999-00 season, Carolina is 46-29 (.613) on that day. In the last two seasons, Carolina is 13-3 in that span - but Carolina has also lost just eight games in the last two seasons. The Tar Heels were 6-2 on that day in 2005 and 6-2 in 2006 as well, accounting for half the 2005 team's losses and a quarter of the 2006 team's defeats. Sunday has actually been fairly kind to Carolina by comparison - since 2000, Carolina is 42-14 (.750) on Sunday. Carolina was 5-2 on Sunday last season, including the NCAA Tournament loss. Carolina is 4-0 on Sunday this season. The 2006 team was 4-1 on Sunday. The 2004 and 2005 teams combined to go 15-0 on Sunday, including a 9-0 record by the 2005 team. The 2002 team won just eight games all season and five of those wins came on Sunday.

So remind me in March not to complain about the 10 PM tip UNC will likely get to give them maximum coverage to the nation.  Also the ACC Championship is usually played at 1 PM and in the Final Four(if they get there) UNC would be better off playing the second national semifinal game than begins between eight and nine.

As for that pesky 3:30 slot where UNC is 0-3 over the last two seasons.  The road game at BC on March 1st is at 3:30 and also on ABC.