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ACC Basketball Update(1/1)

Happy New Year: Clemson rang in 2008 by whipping Alabama and moving into a tie for second in the SEC East or so it would seem considering the Tigers have played four games versus SEC teams going 3-1. It looks like Clemson has gotten James May back in form just in time for the epic showdown at Littlejohn on Sunday.

Georgia Tech is in Deep Trouble: There is no other way to describe it. Given the losses on GT's schedule they needed to come up big in conference play. Something in the neighborhood of 10 wins was in order to overcome some horrid losses versus RPI destitute teams. Losing to FSU at home when the Seminoles had all sorts of injury issues could signal the beginning of the end. Based on the schedule visits to Wake Forest and Virginia Tech might be the only winnable road games for the Jackets. The home schedule is not walk in the park either with UNC, Virginia, Miami and Clemson all due to visit Atlanta. Paul Hewitt is very close to coaching for next year at this point.

The Polls are Fickled: For Miami anyway. The Hurricanes are promptly dropped from the Top 25 following the loss to Winthrop. I would be interested to hear the logic behind ranking Stanford at 23rd with a similar schedule and only one loss(to Siena who is probably worse than Winthrop) while dropping Miami based on a loss to a team that has been a very good mid-major for several years now. It also should be noted that BYU dropped from the polls which further cheapens UNC's win over them.

Point of Comparison: Miami plays Penn on Wednesday which might give us a little data on where they sit as it compares to the Heels.