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ACC Basketball Update(1/14)

Two Games, Three OTs: That is how Clemson began the ACC schedule by losing to UNC in OT then needed two extra periods to beat FSU at home. Clemson's Terrance Oglesby finally started hitting his shots and gave the Tigers control of the game in the final five minutes. This was a huge win for Clemson who was on the verge of losing three straight and beginning the ACC season 0-2 conjuring up memories of last season when the Tigers squandered a 17-0 start by falling to pieces once ACC play hit.

Who is the Worst Team in the ACC: There are three candidates at this point: Wake Forest, Maryland and NC State. Maryland lost at Virginia Tech by one which really makes the the pig with the most lipstick on in this contest. Wake Forest inexplicably got run slam out of Chestnut Hill 112-73 by Boston College. The shocking part of that box score is the fact BC scored 67 points in the second half after being up 15 at the break. I am not sure what the heck happened there but it was clearly a perfect storm of Demon Deacon suckitude and the Eagles playing a game three oceans and two deserts away from the way they normally conduct business on the court. And then there is NC State who managed only 13 in the first half versus UNC but did score 49 in the second half to keep the deficit a tick above 30 points. Granted UNC backed off but with silver linings this thin, Pack fans will take anything they can get.

Miami Wins One They Should Have Won: If you are Miami and you need to start proving some legitimacy because your SOS is somewhere south of 200, beating Georgia Tech is a must win affair. The Hurricanes end up with the 10 point win and the Jackets continue to spiral out of control. The good news for them is they might only be the fourth worst team in the ACC.

At Least Virginia Beat Arizona: I know they say this every year but UVa have all sorts of important pieces flying off the wagon as it speeds down hill destined to flip over into a flaming wreck somewhere in the NIT field. Duke solved their offensive woes of the past three games to win their ACC opener at home. Somehow it seems like they are always playing at home.