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ACC Basketball Update(1/25)

There is a reason I was against expansion.

Thanks for Bringing Big East Thug Basketball to the ACC: After watching VT-Duke last night and seeing BC play on a regular enough basis I would say my biggest complaint post expansion is the influx of Big East basketball which is extremely physical and thuggish in nature.  It was on full display last night in Blacksburg as Duke beat VT 81-64 following multiple hard fouls on both sides.  And much of the blame should be placed on the referees who failed to make an example of someone early in the game in an effort to get everyone in line.  The Hokies Deron Washington might be an incredible athlete but he also tries his best to play dirty in some cases.  Not that Duke was innocent with Demarcus Nelson getting off the floor after some fouls acting like he was going to hit someone.  The refs decided with three minutes left in the game it was time to T somebody up so they nailed Nelson despite the fact he had done the same thing much earlier and Washington was doing far worse.  Nice work guys, way to grab the reins on that game early on.

Oliver Purnell Enjoys the Extra Time to Work on Game Situations: Clemson played their third OT game of the ACC season which has to be approaching some kind of record this time knocking off Wake Forest who is clearly much better than expected or Clemson is not playing like they are capable of playing due to lack of confidence.  Hard to say which still though I think Clemson is probably the 3rd best team I am not entirely sure they know that.

Two Miracle Wins in a Row was Too Much to Ask: NCSU had a chance to tie GT at the end of regulation before Javi Gonzalez dredged up his inner eight year old and shot a three so far off the maintenance crews at the RBC Center were out there postgame checking to see if there was a crosswind.  It was a must win for NC State because it was at home but kudos to GT who have followed up the near miss vs UNC with a win over VT and then NCSU on the road.  The Jackets have the personnel and now that Matt Causey is playing better at point they might be ready to shed their bad start and work themselves into the middle of the ACC.

FSU and UNC Win in Florida: The Seminoles controlled their own loss column bleeding with a two point win over Virginia who continues to get inconsistent efforts from Sean Singletary.  UNC brought the offense even if the defense is still a work in progress in a bounce back win over Miami.  Maryland got the midweek off which benefits them coming off the tough upset win and the fact they get Duke on Saturday.

Weekend Schedule: UNC and Wake Forest get a break which they probably both need.  VT-BC face each other and all I ask is for them to get that Big East basketball out of their systems against one another.  NCSU travels to FSU which could be a key win for either team.   Clemson has a chance to play like they are capable at Miami.  The Hurricanes need a win badly or else they will be labelled the new Clemson.  GT-UVA stands to be an interesting game.  GT can do themselves a lot of favors in winning this one on the road, while UVa just needs a win period.  And another Duke-MD affair, this one at College Park, which should be all sorts of fun.

Saturday, January 26th

NCSU at FSU, 1:30 PM
VT at BC, 4 PM

Sunday, January 27th

Clemson at Miami, 1 PM
GT at UVA, 4:30 PM
Duke at MD, 6 PM