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ACC Basketball Update(1/28)

And we thought football season was confusing.

Anyone Want to be Third?: Apprently not with the two teams everyone had pegged as third best, Clemson and Boston College both losing over the weekend to Miami and Virginia Tech respectively.  The BC-VT game was most interesting since it went to OT and was far less physical than I thought it would be which might illustrate how much teams like VT use physical play to level the court versus teams like Duke.  As for Clemson, they are simply too inconsistent for their own good.  Granted the loss came on the road but at some point Clemson needs to show they can win a game versus a good ACC team and I am not sure at this point Miami is even considered that.

More Free Basketball: BC-VT played an extra period and so did GT-UVa with the Yellow Jackets prevailing continuing their rise from the dead.  As for Virginia, they are last in the conference and they seriously could be the most dangerous bottom team in quite some time.

Maryland is Not a Fluke But...: The Terps still lost to Duke.  Maryland led by nine at the half and scored 51 points in the first half.  Duke rallied and end up winning because Maryland lost all wherewithal to hit FTs and collect defensive rebounds.  Duke has also decided to employ a slowdown game if they have at decent lead inside of five minutes.  Sooner or later that is going to bite them square on their butt.

The Two Enigmas: FSU and NC State.  The latter beat the former on Saturday despite FSU being ahead 12 in the first half at home.  NCSU ran off a 17-0 run before halftime and did more right while FSU did plenty wrong to get the road win.  At this point FSU looks downright horrible and NCSU gutted out a tough win to basically say they are still somewhat viable.  NCSU's most pressing issues, besides the PG play, is what to do with Brandon Costner who continues to basically do nothing on the court.  If he was in Chapel Hill he would be seeing DNP by his name on the stat sheet.  It will be interesting to see if Sidney Lowe decides to go that route as a means of lighting a fire under him.