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ACC Basketball Update(1/7)

Why? Because as much as I would like to keep watching Wayne Ellington's game winner over and over, there are other teams in the ACC and they played games too.

Duke Needed Some WD-40: The Blue Devils were rusty after 16 days off and played a fairly competitive game with Cornell before winning by 14.  This was the Duke version of the Nicholls State game.  The big news in this game was the new starting lineup which had freshman Nolan Smith starting at point ahead of Greg Paulus.  There are any number of ways you can read this one but the pretty obvious one is that someone finally woke up to the fact that Paulus is not a good PG on either end of the floor despite the sunshine the media has been blowing up his rear end for 2+ years now.  In one respect I was expecting this much the same way I expected that Ty Lawson would replace Bobby Frasor as the starter about 10 games in last season.  Frasor ended up getting hurt opening the door for Lawson.  Frasor also did not suck at PG, he simply was not gifted with the defense pressuring speed Lawson has.  It has been clear since last season that Paulus was not up to the task at point.  This lineup change means Smith has been judged ready to take over and Paulus will play more two which might make him more effective.

Presbyterian Applies for ACC Membership: And rumor has it John Swofford could be seen rolling on the floor laughing. Given that the Blue Hose has played four games versus the ACC they probably thought they belonged after hanging with Georgia Tech before losing by 13.  Presbyterian ended up 0-4 versus the ACC which might not be too far off how Virgina Tech or Maryland will start the conference season.

Boston College is That Family Member that Embarrasses You: How else do you describe losing to Robert Morris at home?  The Eagles will have no one but themselves to blame when they are sitting around Al Skinner's house in March watching the brackets revealed which does not included BC because they have too many bad losses on their schedule. Despite all of that I still think UNC playing at BC will be one of the tougher games on the schedule.