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ACC Basketball Update(1/9)

Zoubek Out Indefinitely: Duke suffered a setback with news that Greg Zoubek would be out for an indefinite period of time recovering from a broken bone in the foot. Zoubek was averaging 4.3 ppg and 3.7 rpg. Statistically this is not all that significant but as we have learned with the loss of Bobby Frasor and the temporary absence of Alex Stepheson, players can impact the game apart from the stat sheet. Losing Zoubek hurts Duke on the interior where they already had issues. And while Zoubek was not a physical player, he is a seven footer which makes him a presence in the lane regardless of his deficiency. Losing a player also hurts Duke's depth which could be an issue given Duke's desire to play untempo this season.

Common Opponent Alert!: Wake Forest took down BYU by seventeen at home with more or less surprised the heck out of me considering how UNC performed against the Cougars. This may mean Wake is much better than we all thought they would be or that BYU is worse than they were in Las Vegas. Of course it could mean nothing at all and simply be the kind of aberration found in any given road game.

Maryland Continues the Little Debbie Feast: Good news: Maryland beats Holy Cross 73-48. Bad News: They committed 18 turnovers in the process. Something tells me committing 18 TOs versus a team you beat by 25 does not bode well for your ACC future.