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Bob the Tomato Files Suit Against Sidney Lowe

veggie_bob2.jpgGreensboro(THF)-Veggie Tales actor, Bob the Tomato, has filed a lawsuit in Federal court seeking an injunction against North Carolina State head basketball coach Sidney Lowe from donning his red blazer versus North Carolina on Saturday. Citing Federal trademark law, Mr. Tomato's attorney, Archibald Asparagus, asserts that Lowe's wearing of the red blazer during basketball games constitutes trademark infringement given the Wolfpack coach bears an uncanny likeness to Veggie Tales star. The lawsuit also states that Lowe and his employer North Carolina State benefited both monetarily and competitively through this infringement and have asked the court for an immediate cease and desist order. Individuals close to Bob, including fellow Veggie Tale actor Larry the Cucumber say that their friend was initially flattered by Lowe's impersonation of him but that feeling quickly disappeared after the Wolfpack lost to East Carolina.

"All he could talk about was how he did not want to be associated with a program that lost to a second tier conference team with no basketball history." Larry said. "Between you and me, it was the 20-17 deficit at halftime against Presbyterian that really did it. I mean, it was the Blue Hose for goodness sake, how do you trail a 1-17 team at halftime?"

Larry indicated that Bob was not interested in money nor did he have any ill feelings towards NC State, but just did not want his reputation ruined.

"He was so afraid that one of his fans was going to see Lowe wearing the blazer in a game where NC State was getting drubbed and think that he was coaching the team." stated the cucumber. "Bob takes these things very seriously."

Neither Sidney Lowe or NC State were available for comment.

In light of Bob's legal foray, Laura the Carrot is also considering her own litigation against Clemson coach Oliver Purnell.

Standard disclaimer: Yeah it's a joke people.