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Dick Vitale To Return

And you will never guess for which game. That's right, Vitale will call the UNC-Duke game on February 6th because he apparently believes the best way to test his newly repaired vocal chords is the go all out during his first broadcast or as Deadspin put it:

Yes, Vitale's doctors are so confident in their work that they're trusting their patient to ease back into his job with a Duke-Carolina game. This is roughly equivalent to releasing a gastric bypass patient into a mall consisting entirely of Hometown Buffet and Cold Stone Creamery stores, locking the door, and piping in hot fudge in lieu of elevator music.

Not that it will matter to me since the game will be carried on the regional feed and therefore I will be sentenced to a far worse punishment in the person of Billy Packer. However it is odd that Vitale would not want to get his feet wet before doing UNC-Duke. The Maryland-Virginia game on January 30th should be low key affair full of missed shots, turnovers and not much to get excited about. At least that way he could spend all his time talking about Duke to get back in the swing of things.