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Ellington's Game Winner

A few quick notes from the video:

  • If Clemson wants to blame someone on that play, blame Cliff Hammonds who is clearly assigned to guard Ellington but for some reason decides to stay in the lane and guard the ACC logo on the floor below the FT line. Either than or he thought Lawson was going to somehow get past James Mays and Raymond Sykes with three seconds left to get a shot off.
  • Roy thinks the game is over and actually heads down the sideline to shake Oliver Purnell's hand before realizing there is 0.4 seconds left and returning to the coaches box before he is found in violation of the NCAA's most recent holy tenet. The funniest part is Roy who is on record as someone who does not do "cool" doing a little fist bump with assistant coach Joe Holliday.
  • If you watch the UNC bench you will see Bobby Frasor in a suit near the end fall over the chairs as he is doing a fist pump. I hope he did not do further damage to the knee in the process.
  • Also on the bench, nice restraint by the players of not getting the floor and possibly drawing a technical.