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Odds and Ends

Mercifully the eight day break is almost over.

  • Noting current UNC commits, has a feature up on the Wear Twins(hat tip: Dan.) The skinny is these two do not fit the prototype big man we have traditionally seen at UNC but are "hybrid power forwards."  That basically means they will be versatile and play all over the court which cannot possibly be a bad thing given the way Roy likes to run the break.  It is also a nice counter move to Duke who seems to be content putting versatile players on the floor instead of the traditional inside presence.  With the crop UNC has coming in the next two seasons along with current personnel they will have both.  Speaking of next season, Tyler Zeller had 47 points in a recent win and is leading the state of Indiana in scoring with a 34.3 ppg average.
  • Apparently Greg Little is enjoying basketball but it might be at the expense of his football conditioning.  According to the N&O Little loves being on the basketball team but because he is running with the team and not doing football related weight lifting his weight has dropped. Ideally needs to put on pounds and muscle to be adequately prepared to assume the starting tailback position on the football team.  Probably not too much to worry about here since he still has a good five months once he leaves the team in March for spring football to get himself into shape.  I just hope he does not injure himself either.
  • And while the eight day break was a bit daunting for us basketball junkies, it came at a good time since everyone was a little banged up from the opening ACC salvos.  Now UNC can lock in and focus on the rest of the season.