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Filed under: Features Larry Drew has a nice article up on Larry Drew, class of 2008 PG commit for UNC. In short Drew is very mature and appears to have an innate understanding of the game of basketball:

The coaching sessions have molded Larry Jr. into one of the smartest high school point guards in the nation. He has become an extension of the coaching staff on the floor, able to dissect defensive schemes and take advantage of an opponent's weakness like a veteran.

"He's mature beyond his years as a player," says Taft coach Derrick Taylor. "I pick his brain sometimes. He understands the game and has a high skill level. We've had some great players here at Taft with Steve Smith and Jordan Farmar and he's right there."

Drew's maturity level on and off the court (he is an honor student who plans on majoring in psychology) came at an early age. He sat up at three months, began walking at seven months and reading at 2. "He was a kid who was off the charts in terms of development," says his mother, who plans to travel to all of his college games as well. "Ever since he was born doctors and teachers have told me that he is a gifted child."

His maturity and grasp of the game should bode well for him under Roy who demands perfection and wants guys who make good decisions on the court.