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UNC 93 UNCA 81

Can you say let down game?

Well, actually it was a huge letdown on the defensive end as UNC gave up 53% shooting to the Bulldogs and not just because 7-7 center Kenny George does not have to jump to dunk the ball. Based on the radio account, UNCA got away with a lot of dunks as well as plenty of open shots which will obviously peeve Roy in ways that cannot be described on this family friendly blog. At the same time, UNCA had two very experienced guards and with George in the middle creating all sorts of havoc on both ends the Bulldogs found a way to hang around within 10 points for most of the game. The bottom line is the defense was just bad and I am not sure whether to chalk it up as just another poor effort or as a poor effort resulting from being a little spent following the Clemson game. UNCA was also better than most people give them credit for and it showed in how much they took advantage of the flimsy defense.

On the offensive end, lots of good stuff there. Ty Lawson has 17 points, 7 assists and zero turnovers. Wayne Ellington is still smoking hot hitting 3-6 three pointers on his way to 19. Danny Green had a great all around game on the offensive end with 14 points and seven assists of his own. Tyler Hansbrough found a way to score 23 despite the presence of George in the lane. The one oddity in the way the offense performed is UNC only shot 42% from the floor but still came off as fairly effective in the process. A tad scary to think what might have happened had UNC actually been hitting shots closer to 50%.

At any rate, that closes out the non-conference portion of the schedule against which UNC went 15-0. Time to step it up(again) for ACC play.