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UNC vs BC: Running Commentary

Remember, don't worry, be happy people.

7:32 PM: Some early thoughts. The defense does not strike me was being all that bad but Roy apparently is so pissed with the effort he decided to go with the "Blue" team and boy did those guys come out and play some defense.

7:37 PM: Jimmy Dykes needs to stop calling Hansbrough, "Ty"

7:49 PM: Heels by 16 at halftime. As Roy said there was one stretch where the defense was not what it should have been so Roy went Blue-White and everyone responded. I will say that I see little signs of rust from the break, especially on offense. I also think the defense was mostly pretty good and BC hits some tough threes that were either long or contested. The second half will be tell-tell, they need to come out with the same effort as they did at the end of the first half.

8:01 PM: I rewound the tape and looked at the few minutes surrounding the Blue-White moment and when the five subs came in you saw Marcus Ginyard slump his shoulders and walked slowly to the bench. He knew what was coming and he really did not want to go sit down on that bench.

8:03 PM: Stat Check: FG: UNC-62% BC-42%; TOs: UNC 9 BC 11; Rebs: UNC 15 BC 8. Deon Thompson has 13 on 6-7 shooting.

8:12 PM: I smell biscuits.

8:23 PM: Little dry spell on the offense. The outside shooting has been absent tonight and with Lawson out the Heels have struggled a bit to score thus making the smell of biscuits not as strong as it was earlier.

8:34 PM: Holy crap what a tip out pass by Lawson and the 360 dunk by Hansbrough.

8:53 PM: Heels dominate 91-69.