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Why Are People Crying?

A couple of popular sports blogs have screen shots from ABC's coverage of the game that shows some UNC fans crying when the Heels went down to Maryland. And while I tend steer clear out calling out fellow Tar Heels on things can I ask: What in the name of Dean Smith are you doing? I mean really, crying because UNC loses a regular season game to Maryland? I can think of multiple reasons why this is just plain unacceptable.

1. Reasonable people who have clothes on their back, a home, job, family and apparently are fortunate enough to spend their Saturday afternoon watching a basketball game ought to have a little more control over their emotions. It is still a game people and getting weepy over losing a game that may end up being largely inconsequential down the road is a tad ridiculous.  In fact the last time I cried when UNC was 1984.  I was nine.

2. While we are there.  It is just one freaking game people. Yes, I was angry they lost, I got over it because in the grand scheme of the season there is plenty of basketball left to play.  It is possible this could end up costing us the ACC regular season but I would prefer not to worry about that right now.  The season did not end yesterday and in fact it may have just begun because...

3. The loss is probably a good thing.  This team needed a good kick in the rear ends and apparently Roy making them run in practice and taking the rims off have not done the trick.  Hopefully the bad taste of losing because your defense sucked will get the guys in gear.

4. Anyone who has been paying attention all season knows this kind of loss was coming.  And in the past few games this team has been juggling butcher knives thinking they were not going to get their hand loped off.  When the shots did not fall to save UNC from the jaws of defeat I was not surprised and therefore not given to get upset.

5. And if none of the above reasons are good enough how about this one: We are not Duke.

Get a grip folks.  There are real concerns about this team but shedding tears over a loss they sort of had coming is a little much.